Research Support

Identifying the area of research

literature search

You have to choose, identify your area of research wisely. It must be handy. Adhere to your innate skills, attitude and capacity. Discuss with your guide/mentor.  

Tool Preparation for data collection

data collection

You have to prepare a data collection tool. the tool must be standardised and unambiguous. 

Research ethics and plagiarism

You have to follow some research ethics on the go. Learn copyright policies, IPR and plagiarism checking tools and techniques.

Information sources for research

Familiarise the information sources that help you to build your insight in the area chosen.

we strongly recommend reference management tools from the beginning of your research. 

Academic Writing - Thesis, Journal papers


Academic writing is a careful systematic process. Different styles to follow for different areas of studies. variations may also occur from journal to journal or with respect to universities also.

Statistical packages for data analysis

There are plenty of statistical tools available to help you to analyse your collected data. Open source tools R and SPSS etc.

Presentation tool and Guidelines


Presentation is a very important stage on your research. you have to go through standardisations refinements before get in to your actual presentation

Academic publishing - Book and journals


Publish your article, paper or research is very important. There are many ways to do it without hassles. 

Academic profile management portals

Create and maintain your academic profile is key to present yourself before any selection board or academic community. Rather that sending CVs, this will be a better way to showcase your talent and expertise.