Kahoot! : a game-based learning platform


Kahoot!, a free student-response tool for all platforms, allows teachers to run game-like multiple-choice answer quizzes. Teachers can either create their own quizzes or find, use, and/or remix public quizzes. Questions, along with answer choices, are projected onto a classroom screen while students submit responses using an internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or phone). Questions and polls can contain images and video to help further appeal to all learners. Classic mode and Team mode take place in real time, but Challenge mode enables students to take quizzes within a set time frame, such as for homework. The energized, game-like atmosphere comes from the use of bright colors, suspenseful music, and points awarded for response accuracy and speed. The Team mode mixes things up and allows groups of students to cooperate with each other and compete against other teams. When using the mobile app on a personal device, students can see their past results, pause/resume individual quizzes, and complete homework challenges.

Playing a game of Kahoot! doesn’t involve an account, only a game PIN from the main screen and a name (which can be autogenerated if you choose). Students can create accounts and make private quizzes, but children under 13 (under 16 outside of the U.S.) can’t search or share Kahoots.

Basic training session includes

  • Creating Kahoot
  • playing kahoot
  • Opting a template